Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Move on... Nothing to see here...

This blog, Creating e-Learning, has reached a natural conclusion
I think. While it started being devoted solely to e-learning and
branched out into e-assessment it has evolved into a smorgasbord of education links, useful software and general outpourings covering my work with Ayr College, the Scottish Qualifications Authority and the Scottish Further Education Unit.

has made sense, therefore, to spin off my blog and rename it. I'll keep the
original blog here, and might even make some updates, but my
main blog efforts will be over on Feeducation from now on.

Hope you stay with me.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Computing and Information Technology Conference

Apparently somebody thought that this Xbox was a good representative for all Xbox 360s: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_360Image via Wikipedia
Now, I know that there's no need for any more sweeteners to tempt you to the conference on Thursday the 25th of June at Central College in Glasgow but...

A little bird has told me that Microsoft might just be offering a nice XBox 360 as a prize. So, don't sign up. I want to win it...
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Open Source in Education

Title page to Locke's Some Thoughts Concerning EducationImage via Wikipedia
I've never understood why more educational institutions don't go for open source solutions.

We are in education and not training so it's principles not specific tasks that are important.

This is an interesting article on the problem:

IT PRO | Becta, open source and education: Too little, too late?
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Online Notepad

NotepadImage via Wikipedia
There is a new entry to the online notepad replacement to add to Google Notebook, Yahoo Notepad, et cetera, et cetera.

Helipad is essentially a wiki but you might find it useful. Try it here:

Helipad - Product overview
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Private Sector eLearning

Hawes Hall at Harvard Business School.Image via Wikipedia
This company have worked with several companies including National Instruments, the World Bank, Intel, Canon USA, The US Air Force, SAP, and Harvard Business School.

Their case studies and demonstrations are a good way of sparking ideas.

Enspire Learning: Demonstrations & Case Studies
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SCQF at the Computing Event - Central College - 26th June

SCQF LogoImage via WikipediaAs you may know the SCQF will be at the SFEU Computing event at Central College on the 26th of June. We've just added the presentation details to the programme.

They'll be presenting on - SCQF: The learning spine? The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework has been described as the learning spine of the Skills Strategy. What is the SCQF? Who is it for? How does it work? Find out more in this workshop.

There are still a few places left so go book and I'll see you there.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

But I'm Sure I Put It Away Safely!

The ManualImage via Wikipedia
How many times have you safely stowed the user manual for your shiny new gadget only to find that you have no idea where that safe storage area is when you come to read the thing? What, it's just me? Never mind.

SafeManuals.com has a bunch of PDFs of manuals available for your (OK my) perusal.

Find your user guide, user guide, instruction manual or owner manual instantly !
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