Thursday, March 20, 2008

Meetings Made Simple

I seem to spend half my life in meetings and the other half arranging them. That's why a tool like TimeBridge is invaluable.

TimeBridge takes care of the nitty-gritty of matching calendars to enable multiple attendees to quickly and easily synchronise their availability.

No details are shown - just busy or not so it's simple to view everyone's calendar without being scared that people will see the time you've blocked out to take Tiddles the cat to the vet.

See what I mean here:

and then sign up here:


Thursday, March 06, 2008

Set Up Your Own Video Hosting Site

Want to distribute your e-learning videos? Video.Show may be the solution. Check it out here:

Set up Video Hosting Site in minutes - Microsoft Silverlight lets you do a Youtube ! | Tech Bytes at Use Bytes

Adobe - Digital Video: Foundations of Video Design and Production

Adobe have created a year long curriculum guide for video design and production.

Find out more here:

Adobe - Digital Video: Foundations of Video Design and Production

Adobe - Digital Design: Foundations of Web Design

Adobe have created a year long curriculum guide for web design. It covers the basics of Dreamweaver and Flash.

Find out more here:

Adobe - Educators : Digital Design Foundations of Web Design

Syncronise Google Calendar with Outlook

I hate Outlook. It's a memory and processor hog and it forces me to work the way it wants to work rather than how I want to do it.

That said almost everything "speaks" Outlook and for that reason it can be a useful information hub. If you can get the information in and out.

For a long time I used Yahoo applications and they included a synchronise program that let me synch calendar, contacts and notes with Outlook. Having bitten the Google apple I've found it difficult to re-create that.

It's become a little easier with a new Google application to synchronise Google Calendar with Outlook.

Such small increments, such little time...

Google Calendar Sync: Getting Started

Extract the information from a PDF

Ever been sent a PDF with information you want but lots of extraneous material you don't?

PDFTextOnline delivers the content without the fluff

As it says,

"PDFTextOnline is a free service that will give you your day back. With
no login or account required, you just browse to- and select your PDF
file, click the magic button, and PDFTextOnline takes it from there."

Try it here:

Use a web app like a "real" one

Use GMail? Wish it worked like an application on your desktop? PRISM
from Mozilla, the fine folk who brought you the Firefox browser, takes
web apps and presents them in an application only interface with no
confusing browser menus or toolbars.

Check it out here:

Mozilla Labs » Blog Archive » Prism