Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Popup Content

As a usability issue I would prefer pop-ups to appear in a seperate window. While there is an option for this in the Course Genie settings there is a problem.

The pop-ups created appear in a window that cannt be resized. Worse, there seems to be no recognition of the content of the window so it is not wide enough for the text.

Anyone found a way of making the pop-up resizeable?

In the meantime I'll need to go back to having pop-ups appear in the main window.

Course Genie Error

This seems to be the first genuine error I've found. I've sent the following mail to the company.

Using Course Genie I'm generating a course and getting this error:

The Document has been Exported as an XML File:lo1 - data representation.xml

End tag 'b' does not match the start tag 'subheading'. Line 01696: />Pos 00026: -------------------------^

There is a problem. The HTML was not generated.

Clearly an error but short of changing the XML by hand how do I fix this?



I would guess that there is a spurious Word formatting character in the source but I'm not sure how to get rid of it without changing the Course Genie paragraph format.

I'll update this as I hear from the company.

---------- Update 8/3/6 21:21 ---------

Checking the XML and the source Word document I see that the error occurs where I have a bookmark defined in a CG sub-heading. Moving the bookmark to a line of its own fixes the error.

Having found it I'm sure that this is a problem Ted mentioned in his presentation

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Free Stock Photos

I've been looking for photos to illustrate some of the points in the course. There are a few places that have free stock photos including


The online photo sharing site Flickr also has many photos that are flagged with a creative commons license.